The provided services on Dake MeDedge are for probability diagnostic assistance purposes only and do not form final diagnosis. Dake MeDedge AI should be used in conjunction with other medical procedures to diagnose Covid19. Dake MeDedge is not a medical firm and is not providing medical advice. All information available on our website, www.mededge.ai and is provided without any warranty, express or implied, including as to their legal effect and completeness.

The application/service should be used after own confirmatory tests and after meeting your own individual needs/regional needs and approvals. For the usage of the said service, any X-Ray uploaded needs to be anonymised, Dake Mededge AI Cloud stores the uploaded X-Ray, processes the X-Ray and provides the result. Any X-Ray which is uploaded to the site/AI Engine is considered to be an anonymised X-Ray. Your use of any information and its results interpretation is at your own risk. Dake, Dake MeDedge and any of its employees or contractors who participated in providing the information/results, expressly disclaim any warranty.

To anonymize your X-Ray please click here to download the free DICOM anonymizer.